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Re: *%cked up Echoplex "repair" (rip off?) what now? Help

sock s (06:59 PM 09.06.2000) wrote:

 >diagnostics, c/o .  All O.K."       This is what I waited half a year for 
 > ?
 > this took them 5-6 months to do?  It actually seems to be in worse shape
 >than when I sent it in.

JL is usually very good at a host of things, but MusicTek is basically 
*always* swamped hence the timeline. I know that JL has things on the 
there that have been around for a LONG time - much longer than you waited.

Given the list of things he did, you may want to try the same... i.e., 
it up, reseat the SIMMs, walk all the connectors... It may clear up; you 
may have a flaky socket or SIMM that won't stay put and the pop is coming 
from the machine reading junk (since the SIMM isn't seated) out of the 
address space.

As for the screw and clamshell... You'll have to push back on MusicTek to 
get those dealt with.