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Re: Echoplex - How Do I?

switch quant is the trick

set it up to off 

and youll enter next loop instant

as you have a soundscape going its just a matter of decision to say Now
is my beat one
while pressing next (auto rec on)


Michael Clark wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm on a learning curve with the Echoplex - a wonderful instrument.
> I want to create a soundscape in Loop #1 and Loop Copy it to Loop #2 
> I will add a rhythm.
> The problem is that I press Next Loop and wait for Loop #1 to cycle 
> before Loop #2 begins recording - that's OK I suppose.  Since Loop #1 is 
> soundscape with no rhythm or click track, I'm late with my rhythm track
> when Loop #2 is activated and recording - thus creating a dead space.  
> I begin playing in Loop #2, then stop recording and let Loop #2 cycle
> through.  At the beginning of Loop #2 is the dead space, which makes the
> chord progression too erratic, rhythmically.  I want to hit some
> button/switch and immediately begin the Loop Copy and Recording process 
> Loop #2.  Can I do that?
> Thanks,
> Michael