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RE: Sell my Jamman?

I sync the the 2 togehter via midi or just use the Jam man  to create real 
time echo's while layering on the echoplex.  The more Echoe's the better.

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Keep the Jammer until you determine that the EDP is functioning 
properly... If you really only want ONE looper, then YES sell the JM once 
you know you've got a functional box in hand.


>>> PaulPokr@aol.com 08/30/00 05:38AM >>>
I just purchased an Echoplex with foot pedal and max memory  via an 
auction (but haven’t received it yet). I was thinking of selling my 
Jamman with max memory asap but was wondering if I should wait to see how 
satisified I am with the Echoplex vs the Jamman. Any comments or thoughts 
on this?