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Re: D-Beam question

I use the one that is part of my Roland Handsonic.  Several Roland products
include one as well.  I've never seen a standalone unit other than the one
used by Trey Gunn.


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From: "Allan Hoeltje" <ahoeltje@best.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 9:05 PM
Subject: D-Beam question

> Anyone here using the "Dimension Beam" from Interactive Light?  I did a
> web search and found that Roland licensed the technology for their line
> of DJ equipment around 1996 but the URL for Interactive Light is dead.
> Are they out of business?  Is the D-Beam still available anywhere?  If
> anyone here has any info on this device I'd really appreciate hearing
> from you.
> Thanks!
> -Allan