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Re: Sure is quiet....

Darn it!  My EDP is still working too!  #$*^ing Gibson, when will I get a 
chance to complain?

On another note, I am not impressed with the "Space 1999" look of the 
Repeater.  If there is ever a hardware update to the EDP (such as stereo, 
simultaneous, independent loops, hint, hint, make my dream come true) I 
hope it retains the plain, functional, easy to understand-at-a-glance, 
look and feel.


Mike Biffle wrote:

> Hey! What the hell... Mine's still working REAL good too...

> >>> km15@cornell.edu 08/29/00 03:23PM >>>
>       OK, I'll chime in-- I've got one of the new Gibson EDPs and near 
>as I
> can tell, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it!