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Re: Sure is quiet....

> Hi Miko- What's a Des Res anyway, couldn't find it on the net, and 
>you've got me curious!

It's their new flanger... they had a "name that flanger" contest and 
somehow Vlad chose "Des Res". Gotta ask him sometime what's up with that...

Anyway... on their web site it's a black outline of one of their larger 
boxes with a ? on it. The first versions have cool question mark graphics 
and "Flanger With No Name" on them. I believe they'll have those graphics 
on them for the next run as well, but check it out with Vlad... If you 
have a soundcard, there's cool sound samples to illustrate just what the 
pedal can do... Of course when you actually hear it and can tweak the 
controls, it becomes apparent that you can do ultra cool rythmic stuff 
with it. It's no drum machine, but it's far weirder... what the hell... A 
bit on the $$$$$$ side...