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Re: Sure is quiet....

Hey! What the hell... Mine's still working REAL good too... 

I get the feeling the Repeater will offer a DIFFERENT paradigm than the 
EDP anyway, so it's gonna be a case of "If you want to do THIS, get X... 
If you want to do THAT, get Y". (or something like that... I'm sure 
company loyalty and personal preferences will play into it as well...) 

One question... Is that new ROM update for the EDP nearing release anytime 
announceable? *-]

Thanks again Kim and gang for great s/w and product. Fingers x'ed on 
Gibson's involvement and support...

On the OTHER looping front... Is anyone out there ignoring delays 
completely and just using self-oscillating devices such as the Lovetone 
Ring Stinger or Des Res? I had a Des Res for a few days (but it had a 
fault and went back for surgery...) Even with the fault, I was amazed at 
the shifting soundscapes available with this box... can't wait to get it 
back! My Waldorf 4-pole filter is another box which will create it's own 
unique bed of sound for manipulation playing over. 


>>> km15@cornell.edu 08/29/00 03:23PM >>>
      OK, I'll chime in-- I've got one of the new Gibson EDPs and near as 
can tell, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! It worked perfectly 
right out of the box, with no problems, glitches, snaps, crackles or pops. 
A friend of mine from San Jose picked up the  4MB chips at a place called 
Weird Stuff - he said the salesman had a big jar o' chips that he just 
poured out onto the counter, saying "Geez I didn't know people still used 
these!" So much for static protection, but they all work and I couldn't be 
happier. The EDP is a wonderful piece of engineering and the sound quality 
is superb. I love the JamMen and I still use 'em but an  EDP goes way, way 
beyond. Matthias, Kim, et.al.- you done good, you done real good- thank 
one and all!


At 04:27 PM 8/29/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello?  Hello?   Is the list down?  Or are we all busy looping?  I haven't
>gotten any messages today.  :(
>Dennis Leas