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RE: Electrix Repeater Stereo Capability

>>> crash@waste.org 08/28/00 12:53PM >>> Todd Madson asks...
> I just have one question: Is it stereo?

My belief is that it's of the same architecture as the Bob Sellon JamMan 
mod. Which is 4 mono loops *pannable* in the stereo field. Which means... 

If you can arm 2 channels and simultaneously "tap" the start and stop 
points of both those channels, you're indeed flying in "true" stereo and 
able to retain the stereo movement from pre-processors creating motion. If 
you can only arm and tap on 1 of the 4 loops, then you'll lose stereo 

Electrix? What is the recording capability of the Repeater? Can you arm 
and record multiple loops?

Best regards,