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Ernie Ball (was Volume Pedal Question)

These units are made from cast aluminum--they are real solid, and there is 
stereo model.  However, they don't seem to do well as a CC pedal (with the
Echoplex or PMC-10).

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From: "r. dennis" <tonobung@panix.com>

> yow, isn't that one a lot like the classic sho-bud pedal?
> you can jack a volkswagen up on that one & do a break job on it while 
up there...
> carrying it around, you'll  never have to use the nautilus again!

> rbrt
> On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, jim palmer wrote:
> > ernie ball makes the best volume pedal i have used. smooth curve, 
action and built like a tank.
> > it also stayes where you leave it anywhere in it's range.