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Re: gearhoundism: cheap 'n easy samplers?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000 McCullaghJ@Logica.com wrote:

my sharp portable doesn't do it - nor (disappointingly)
does it have program play (so you can't just ply
a single selection and have it stop on its own at
the end...)

i have a technics 19" that does offer program
play. has loop as well, but i have not tried it as yet.

it's a quandry - i'd love to use the sharp as part
of my rig - but i can't stop
recording with it!


> [Tom:]
> > I'm wondering, though, if a portable minidisc recorder wouldn't
> > be a good solution.
> For grabbing sounds as you walk down the street, excellent. CD quality,
> random access and editing ..
> > They have no specific loop features
> actually, I have heard talk of people using these as loopers .. anyone 
> any experience of this? There is a "repeat track" play option, but, 
> of the way the ATRAC compression works, it has to buffer some of the 
> before it starts playing, and that causes a delay. might be a problem ..
> John