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Re: Volume Pedal Question

>So far, the set-up looks like this:
>Guitar to VP to DT 2112 to Berringer DeNoiser to EDP to amp.

Part of this has to do with the way you´re connecting things and part with 
your Digitech, first of all, guitar MUST go first to the digitech, the way 
you´re connecting them is the same as moving yourself the volume pot on 
guitar, the ideal way would be: guitar->digitech->volume pedal on the 
effects loop of digitech->EDP, to do the swells the ideal thing would be 
that the effects loop of the digitech would be located AFTER the preamp 
section (like on the digitech 2101) but if you connect it on the effects 
loop of the 2112 it will be the same as connecting it first in the chain 
just came after the compressor) which for me it´s implemented in a stupid 
way, if you connect your volume pedal after the digitech the only thing is 
that you´ll be cutting off the trail of your reverbs and delays BUT you 
assingn an expression pedal on your digitech (assuming you have one) to 
control the input to the digital section, that will do the trick.

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