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Re: gr 300

> Roland makes an adaptor that allows the current generation of pick-ups 
> older synths and vice-versa.

I was under the impression that said pickup is no longer available. I will 
be glad
to be proven wrong  (please include the model or part # and I'll call 
Roland again
myself!) According to roland tech and parts there is nothing currently
manufactured that will run or adapt to the older 24 Pin cable jacks used 
by the
GR300, GR700, etc etc...

In order to run the GR300 you need an appropriate controller and the 
correct cable
(which is no longer manufactured). As someone mentioned occasionally these 
show up on Ebay but of course they are astronomically expensive anymore.

There is no way to tap into the GR300 without said pickup *and* a guitar
controller. For full information including a description of all parts and 
of the early Roland guitar synths that use this cable see my webpage 
dedicated to
the GR300, etc at: