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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.


    While your critique of the MIDI versitility is appropriate, I defend 
the use
of the adjective "powerful."  When used in conjunction with the GCX 
this unit is great; specifically because of the way the software lets you 
the rack loops.  With the 2.0 ROM update you can assign a pedals to 
function as
indidual loop switches; thus allowing you to create banks that contain both
multi command presets and individual pedal style switches.  In a rig like 
own, which relies heavily on dumb, non-MIDI pedals, this allows me to 
multi-unit presets with the option of realtime modification.  The pedal's
construction is far more durable than most down market options and as I 
never felt limited by its MIDI options (which allow me to start, stop, 
fade and
switch audio loops on my JamMan just fine; in addition to providing contol 
other units).

Best, Sean