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Re: Kyma/max

And to confuse the issue even more, I found several examples of folks using
Max _and_ Kyma, though typically they ran them on separate machines (e.g. 
Powerbook to act as the Kyma interface, the other to run Max).

Though, I didn't find any examples of folks using Kyma and Max _with MSP 
at the same time_.


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Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2000 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: Kyma/max

> If I had the time and money I'd get both.
> Both are deep apps with strengths and weaknesses.
> I got Max/Msp not knowing about about Kyma.
> I think at's also valuable to consider support.
> Get on all the mailing lists and check out the communities which have 
> up around each app.Are they cool for newbies?Is the "parent" company
> actively involved?Do they have a good rep for helping out their clients?
> Get demos and try some things out.
> Two things I will say for Max/Msp (not really knowing Kyma from a hole in
> the road):
> -It happily uses most other good quality I/O hardware without fear of
> conflict, so you can have another major audio app using the same set up.
> -There are many people developing some amazing add ons, the NATO 
> processing package is right out there, blows Videolic away, and the
> networking/cross platform/internet possibilties are getting more powerful
> all the time.
> As seems to be the case, no one app will be the magic answer, the 
> will be some arduously attained and usually uniquely personal setup.
> L8r
> Andrew