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Re: Unsubscribe lawsuits

Man Why did you subscribe to a list if you're so unhappy there?

Unsubscribe or you'll sue? what's up? You could have no real suit there...
Calling somebody fatty? Sheeeeeesh- lighten up. if you piss on somebody's
parade you are going to get laughed at- nobody has said anything truly mean
here except for yourself...

Wow- I'm defending people & I've only been on the list 3 days...

You have to uns*bscribe yourself- and it's easy.

send email to:

with uns*bscribe as the subject & body. The * is replacing a u, just to be
clear.   Have no other text in the message, no signature or anything.

Then, you'll be hapy again and off of the list.

I you don't unsubscribe, then chiil out and let these people do teir thing-
if you don't want to be a part of it then you don't need to be a dick to
them. you have options.

Have a good day


>From: Charles Tyrer <charlestyrer@totalise.co.uk>
>To: baumhaus@earthlink.net, Loopers-Delight
>Subject: RE: Unsubscribe lawsuits
>Date: Fri, Aug 25, 2000, 3:25 AM

>>===== Original Message From baumhaus@earthlink.net =====
>>Claude voit wrote:
>>> "Bailey, Jim" wrote:
>>> > Perhaps we should refer to these people as "lobsters;" i.e.: they 
>can get
> in
>>> > ok, but are too stupid to figure out how to leave (I know that the 
> in a
>>> > lobster trap is designed to make it difficult for them to exit, but 
>>> > could if they tried. I just thought the analogy worked).
>>> Lobsters delight
>>> ech poor guy asking for unsub on the list gets automatically subscribed
>>> to the "Lobsters delight mailing list" trap
>>> where he gets a daily mesage on the art of sus/unscribing
>>> at the end of the week our webmaster Kim picks up his large fishing
>>> boots and goes to lobbster fishing
>>> the more polite he will free, the stupid ones he will keep, for another
>>> week or so
>>> come on litle lobsters...
>>> Claude
>>this made my morning!
>>lance g.
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