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Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism and unsubscribe instructions.


> The MIDI implementation for Repeater is still open to suggestions. We are
> actually in the process of specifying what MIDI foot controllers we want 
> be compatible with so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen a Repeater or read about it other than our LD
discussion.  So I'm speaking from very little information.  Also, my bias 
higher-end performance samplers is more system oriented.  I.e., how usable 
the sampler as a component in a system rather than stand-alone operation?

I see from the pix on your website that Repeater has both a MIDI-IN and a
MIDI-OUT (and a MIDI-THRU).  Very good!  Can you tell us more about what 
out the MIDI-OUT?

I have several suggestions:
1) Make all Repeater operations controllable via MIDI (except, perhaps, the
power switch :).
This is most important for the common real-time performance controls such 
loop start/stop/levels, etc.  This is less important for 
type of settings.  However, the musician may want to configure the unit
differently for different songs in a set.  The capability to do this via 
really handy.

2) Have Repeater post it's operating/running status via MIDI.
This includes real-time status such as loop start or end, synchronizing 
and MIDI clock.  Maybe a sample dump too although it's probably too slow 
to be
very practical (slow due to the MIDI spec and not the Repeater 
Again, I see samplers such as Repeater as a component in a larger looping
system.  The performer may want to capture the Repeater's audio to HD in an
automated fashion via MIDI controls.

3) Avoid using/sending SYSEX messages.
Okay, so I probably just stated the equivalent of "Don't stand in the 

I'm really happy to see new looper hardware coming to the market!

Dennis Leas