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Viva Electrix!

Can I just say, WOW.  I've been saving my pennies (more like skeptically
watching this list) for the Echoplex.  However, seeing the dedication,
and attention that Electrix is paying to Looper's Delight, I have to say
that it seems obvious which company is "getting it."  Kudos to you
Damon!  I'll be first in line to buy a product from a company that's got
it's finger on the pulse of the people that really use gear on a daily

Plus, it's got that groovy "Space 1999" styling that I can't get enough

Could you just make sure that "fade" and the fade rate can be controlled
by the foot pedal?  Having the ability to add to a fading loop, and then
stop the fade once it becomes something interesting is very important.

Mark Sottilaro