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Re: Kyma/max

If I had the time and money I'd get both.
Both are deep apps with strengths and weaknesses.
I got Max/Msp not knowing about about Kyma.

I think at's also valuable to consider support.
Get on all the mailing lists and check out the communities which have grown
up around each app.Are they cool for newbies?Is the "parent" company
actively involved?Do they have a good rep for helping out their clients?

Get demos and try some things out.

Two things I will say for Max/Msp (not really knowing Kyma from a hole in
the road):

-It happily uses most other good quality I/O hardware without fear of
conflict, so you can have another major audio app using the same set up.

-There are many people developing some amazing add ons, the NATO 
processing package is right out there, blows Videolic away, and the
networking/cross platform/internet possibilties are getting more powerful
all the time.

As seems to be the case, no one app will be the magic answer, the solution
will be some arduously attained and usually uniquely personal setup.