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RE: A Bit OT - Soundscapes

Yes, thank you for mentioning dissonance and creating a structure or sound that resolves the dissonance. I love the world of composing. It never ends.


At 02:14 PM 8/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
Michael writes:

>I have used the volume pedal to slowly bring up a simple chord progression
>(C Am G F - something like that) and began to use the VP to layer sounds
>over the top via Overdub. Then, I put a melody on top. It sounds nice -
>very listenable, but something is missing - at least to my ear. There's no
>suspense or real mystery.

>Maybe the second delay/effects unit would help. I want to create rather
>dark stuff that has movement, then put a rather twisted, but melodic,
>melody over the top. Then.... I want to play this stuff live.

>Any additional info you might give is welcomed and appreciated.



I don't have an EDP, but from what I've gathered off this list, you can copy your basic loop pattern to multiple loops, then create variations and switch around between them while you solo over the top. If you made at least one or two of the variations rather dissonant and begging for resolution, that would give you the ability to add suspense, and to hold it as long as you can stand (or longer!) until you finally release it.