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Re: A Bit OT - Soundscapes



I have used the volume pedal to slowly bring up a simple chord progression
(C Am G F - something like that) and began to use the VP to layer sounds
over the top via Overdub.  Then, I put a melody on top.  It sounds nice -
very listenable, but something is missing - at least to my ear.  There's no
suspense or real mystery.

Maybe the second delay/effects unit would help.  I want to create rather
dark stuff that has movement, then put a rather twisted, but melodic,
melody over the top.  Then.... I want to play this stuff live.

Any additional info you might give is welcomed and appreciated.



At 08:12 AM 8/24/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I don't know about the sample CD-ROM's, but with your guitar, and your 
>you can do a ton of 'scapes all by yourself.  I would suggest investing in
>a volume pedal and possible another delay of some sort.  This has been the
>basis for my drones.  Start the EDP, and then strike your note, or chords
>with the volume pedal off and then fade that in gently as the EDP is
>recording.  Wait till it fades out then close the loop on the EDP.  Start
>the overdub, and then continue to fade in volume swells at different
>intervals until you build up your drone.  You will now be swelling in 
>that crosses over the loop start/stop point, creating a 'seamless' drone.
>The other (pre)delay unit can help in getting those swells to sustain and
>cascade out gently.
>If you choose another delay unit that has looping or 'hold' functions 
>PDS, or others), you can get your drone how you like it captured on the
>EDP, turn off the overdub, and then begin to do 'new loops' on your delay
>unit, independent of the soundscape drone happening on the EDP.
>hope this is of some help.
>>I have an EDP, play guitar and want to go live with guitar loops blended
>>with ambient to dark ambient drones and soundscapes.
>>I've not found a CD-ROM (Akai S3000XL) with the sounds I want.  I don't
>>know how to make my own, yet.
>>Any suggestions as to where to find these samples, or some place where I
>>can learn to do it myself?