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Re: Unsubscribe lawsuits

"Bailey, Jim" wrote:

> Perhaps we should refer to these people as "lobsters;" i.e.: they can 
>get in
> ok, but are too stupid to figure out how to leave (I know that the hole 
>in a
> lobster trap is designed to make it difficult for them to exit, but they
> could if they tried. I just thought the analogy worked).

Lobsters delight

ech poor guy asking for unsub on the list gets automatically subscribed
to the "Lobsters delight mailing list" trap
where he gets a daily mesage on the art of sus/unscribing 
at the end of the week our webmaster Kim picks up his large fishing 
boots and goes to lobbster fishing
the more polite he will free, the stupid ones he will keep, for another
week or so

come on litle lobsters...