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Re: A Bit OT - Soundscapes


I don't know about the sample CD-ROM's, but with your guitar, and your EDP,
you can do a ton of 'scapes all by yourself.  I would suggest investing in
a volume pedal and possible another delay of some sort.  This has been the
basis for my drones.  Start the EDP, and then strike your note, or chords
with the volume pedal off and then fade that in gently as the EDP is
recording.  Wait till it fades out then close the loop on the EDP.  Start
the overdub, and then continue to fade in volume swells at different
intervals until you build up your drone.  You will now be swelling in sound
that crosses over the loop start/stop point, creating a 'seamless' drone.
The other (pre)delay unit can help in getting those swells to sustain and
cascade out gently.

If you choose another delay unit that has looping or 'hold' functions (DL4,
PDS, or others), you can get your drone how you like it captured on the
EDP, turn off the overdub, and then begin to do 'new loops' on your delay
unit, independent of the soundscape drone happening on the EDP.

hope this is of some help.


>I have an EDP, play guitar and want to go live with guitar loops blended
>with ambient to dark ambient drones and soundscapes.
>I've not found a CD-ROM (Akai S3000XL) with the sounds I want.  I don't
>know how to make my own, yet.
>Any suggestions as to where to find these samples, or some place where I
>can learn to do it myself?