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Avoid costly Legal Actions!

> > Apart from entertainment value, people who don't want to be here
> don't
> > really seem to contribute much, especially those who can't figure
> out how
> > to leave.
> they can't get out... they're caught in a loop!
Available now!  

The never before told, secret society, banned at ebay, get it before
it's illegal Video, "How to unsubscribe from loopers delight".  

At $9.95, plus shipping and handling, this video is much cheaper than a
lawsuit. Quicker too.  

Email me directly for details.  I accept visa and mastercard, provided
you know how to use paypal.  Money orders accepted.  No checks, please.

NTSC and Pal versions available.  Please specify when ordering.  

Don't delay, order before midnight tonight for a special bonus video,
"Why do bad things happen to ignorant people?" 

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