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Max/MSP vs. Kyma

Well, after the whole Kyma vs. Orville fight a few weeks ago, I thought I 
would ask about something that I've been thinking about. Lately, I've been 
heavily researching Max/MSP. But, I'm wondering how much better a Kyma 
system would be. 

I'm mostly interested in two aspects of the programs. One is live 
performance. The ability to send MIDI in (using some alternate MIDI 
controllers) and get audio out. I'm thinking mostly sampling, but maybe 
some synthesis and possibly some sound morphing (thanks for letting me 
know about that one!) and definitely some effects,  looping, and mixing. 
The other would be sound design. Actually being able to create new and 
interesting sounds as well as modify and/or mangle already sampled sounds.

At the moment, I'm heavily biased towards Max/MSP because of the need for 
minimal external hardware, but you give up alot of latency for it, but I 
think I might be able to get to where I can stand it. With the Kyma 
system, you need that large looking black box with the DSP's and memory as 
well as a computer. Then there is the cost, but that might be made up by 
getting a lower cost computer vs. buying a top of the line Powerbook. 

Any comments? Neither system is exactly what I would want, but I think 
that what I really want will be possible in about a year. But, that is a 
long ways away. I'm trying to decide if it would be worth getting 
something similar now or if I should just wait.

Thanks to all.

Ben Porter.

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