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Re: Unsubscribe

>Unsubscribe me NOW or I'll sue...

Is this serious?  How do people get on your list with such ease, Kim?

And never, never, ever do they actually subscribe by themselves, or by
someone who has access to their computer.  It's that nefarious Kim Flint.
He must be stopped!

Damn, i've been looping for about 11 years, and i just found the list about
9 months ago... (and you're all saying "yeah, but he's catching up by
pouring out 11 years of b.s. at us all...)  I would have thought your nice
little email list would have just 'found' me, like so many of these poor

I'm hoping this is a joke.  If not, somebody needs to get more of a life
than even us LD stalwarts.  Yeah, try to sue somebody (in another country!)
for getting on a email list, even if it wasn't your fault.  boohoo.