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Re: Updated Boomerang

Yeppo, you have to stop to change rate. But the thought of a control pedal
for real time sweeps through the sample/playback rate would be bizarre.
Sort of like moving the head on an old tape echo. Maybe next product.

Bret wrote:

> --- "Mikell D.Nelson" <mnelson@dmans.com> wrote:
> > *   The half speed concept has been replaced by slow speed, and you
> >have
> >your choice of five. All are musically related to "normal" speed. The
> >choices are: down a 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th or octave. Playback tempo
> >isslowed
> >similarly to the current software.
> Will you still have to stop the loop playing in order to change the
> playback speed?
> bret
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