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RE: (almost) free Acid (almost)

I have to say that additional software and programs greatly enhance the
pleasure received when buying a CD.Two very good examples of this are Cold
Cut, who included a program written by the duo on their last album which
called Vjam and Soundgarden, who released a follow-up EP to their
"Superunknown" album which included additional live footage, commercial
videos and other assorted stuff. Vjam was definitely an interesting toy. IT
allows you to program certain keys to play small AV samples which can be
blended together to form an interesting montage.

Jonathan O'Riordan

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        On Tue, 22 Aug 2000 SketchyJoe@aol.com wrote:

        > Very cool!
        > This gets me thinking as to a possible way of releasing material 
        > (particularly for those of folks who enjoy manipulating loops
(nobody here I 
        > suppose)).  Why not include some sort of program with a CD.  
all, it 
        > seems as though MP3 will change our medium of choice.  This way
the user 
        > (listener, consumer, sentient being...) can both enjoy an 
        > and easily remix the piece into a new piece.  I know other 
        > touched on this before, but I figure that since "enhanced" CD's
are becoming 
        > more common, why not add something special to the method of data
        > After all, DVD's are supposed to be great because they add a 
new level 
        > of "interactivity" to one's viewing pleasure.
        > Just some insane ramblings...

        Not that insane. I cannot be the only person on this list who's 
        King Crimson concert DVD "deja vroom" with the wonderful feature
        century schizoid band". For those of you who don't know what I'm
        about, the specific feature provides 12 time-synched tracks of 
        "21st Century Schizoid Man" song in the following grid: 

        rhythm, vocal, solo
        1969    1969   1969
        1971    1971   1971
        1974    1974   1974
        1996    1996   1996

        so you can choose any of the four versions of each of the three
tracks. So
        you choose which rhythm track, then which vocal, then which solo.
        play and you get the remix of your choice. Go through the choices
        and hear a new version.  

        I may be missing your point entirely, but even if I did, the above
is a
        cool way to release a song.

        Steve Burnett
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