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Re: some torn concerts

> Great!  Congratulations on your new release.  I can't wait to hear it.
> also a bassist in Berkeley doing some looping, but I am not gigging yet;
> shy.
> I hope you can share on some of your experience of putting this album
> together, from recording to dealing for distribution, etc.
> I don't know who you meant to send a CD, but I'd like to get one; I don't
> know how payment would go, though.

Hi Javier,

All the info about the album is on my web-site - it's completely live, bar
one tune, front on an audience, no overdubs etc. I use a 32 second JamMan
for loops, and sometime over lay other stuff with the loop function in the
MPX-G2 which I mainly use for effects. The material is a mixture of
sound-scape type stuff with more composed melodic ideas. The feedback so 
has been really good, with positive comments coming from Michael Manring,
Danny Thompson, Jimmy Haslip and others. It's all recorded direct to
MiniDisc, via a Sony-ECM-907 mic stuck infront of my amp...

There's worldwide secure credit card ordering available via my web-site.
There are also sound clips available if you want to listen - do let me know
what you think of it.

As for getting out and gigging, I say just do it! I didn't have a proper 
together until I was approached by a promoter who'd seen me do one tune 
that as part of a gig with a quartet that I was in, who asked if I'd do a 
minute support slot. So I did, and it worked out really well.


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