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RE: some torn concerts

Great!  Congratulations on your new release.  I can't wait to hear it.  I'm
also a bassist in Berkeley doing some looping, but I am not gigging yet; 

I hope you can share on some of your experience of putting this album
together, from recording to dealing for distribution, etc.

I don't know who you meant to send a CD, but I'd like to get one; I don't
know how payment would go, though.

        Javier Miranda
        2124 Kittredge St., PMB253
        Berkeley, CA  94704
        United States

Much good luck and thanks!


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  | David,
  | I'm a solo bassist, gigging with a JamMan and a Lexicon MPX-G2,
  | mixing more
  | melodic composed ideas with ambient stuff and free improv. I've
  | got a solo
  | album coming out next week, that is getting really good
  | responses so far -
  | Michael Manring and Danny Thompson have both said very nice
  | things about it.
  | I'd love to send you a copy, if that would be OK.
  | I also write for Guitarist magazine, and would love to
  | interview you next
  | time you're in the UK.
  | cheers
  | Steve
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