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Re: (almost) free Acid (almost)

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000 SketchyJoe@aol.com wrote:

> Very cool!
> This gets me thinking as to a possible way of releasing material 
> (particularly for those of folks who enjoy manipulating loops (nobody 
>here I 
> suppose)).  Why not include some sort of program with a CD.  After all, 
> seems as though MP3 will change our medium of choice.  This way the user 
> (listener, consumer, sentient being...) can both enjoy an artist's 
> and easily remix the piece into a new piece.  I know other artists have 

working on it... :)

Actually, Flash 4.0 is very loop-friendly. I've seen really nice things
done with Java where activating different buttons would fade in different
loops in sync, sometimes according to mouse position... not a simple task,
and not for connections of all bandwidths, but as technology progresses
this stuff is bound to take off...

As for CDs, it's been done, and never succeeded commercially. I have the
feeling that such a project would involve more capital expenditure than
the artist alone could muster, the software industry would have no idea
how to market it, and the music industry wouldn't understand enough about
it to front the development cash... The Residents Bad Day on the Midway is
one such interactive art project that unfortunately got sold as a 'game'.
It's entirely worth checking out.