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Re: (almost) free Acid (almost)

Very cool!

This gets me thinking as to a possible way of releasing material 
(particularly for those of folks who enjoy manipulating loops (nobody here 
suppose)).  Why not include some sort of program with a CD.  After all, it 
seems as though MP3 will change our medium of choice.  This way the user 
(listener, consumer, sentient being...) can both enjoy an artist's 
and easily remix the piece into a new piece.  I know other artists have 
touched on this before, but I figure that since "enhanced" CD's are 
more common, why not add something special to the method of data storage.  
After all, DVD's are supposed to be great because they add a whole new 
of "interactivity" to one's viewing pleasure.

Just some insane ramblings...

Thanks David for being a great artist who is truly "avante garde"!