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Re: hard reset (JM/EDP)

> out of curiosity, wouldn't the EDP fall into the 'non-volatile' memory, 
> well?  why then would there be a hard reset on the EDP, when it seems you
> should be able to just 'turn the power off and back on'?

Hummm...here's my translation:

Kim's original: "Since the Jamman does not have any non-volatile memory, 
is nothing to reset."

my rewording: "Since the Jamman has volatile memory only, there is nothing 

Perhaps Kim has been reading too much Carl Sagan ("We would not agree that 
is never a reason not to doubt that the converse of the statement
'Extraterrestrial life is not impossible.' may be invalid at some time, 
future or present.")  Ok, I made that up.  :)

But that raises a question to me.  Kim, I know you've got the schematics 
and I
don't, but aren't the user settings saved in non-volatile memory of some 
Or is there a battery somewheres?

Dennis Leas