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Re: ACID 2.0 (not Pro) Is "Free" w/rebate right now.

Someone wrote:

>>Acid 2.0 (not Acid Pro) is "free" w/rebate right now. Got mine at 
>>Also, they're doin' the same thing with the Sound Forge (same folks)

You'd assume that they'd be doing this because they are about to come out
with a new version, so you'd have to pay for an upgrade...  still, it 
like a good deal!

Someone else wrote:

>these two have been floating around on hotline for years ...
>http://www.bigredh.com will get you ware.
>oh oh there goes another napster-internet-scandal; see:corporate 
>american loses copyright money we didn't want them to have. just 
>keep it quiet maybe they won't hear us talking like this.

Writing music software is not a particularly profitable activity and is 
done just for the love of it.  By making it uneconomic to write music 
software you
simply cause music software not to be written.

(And there's the troublesome "stealing" aspect too...)


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