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Re: H.D. recording software for Pc (loop oriented)

are you going to use midi?
recording software for Pc (loop oriented)

I am about to set up my Pc for H.D. recording.
I have followed many discussion about this argument but they all were about Macs.
Before taking any decision I would like to read "LD oracle's" suggestions.
Here is what I have:
Pc with 20 Gb Hard disk: 5 for programs and 15 for files
Sound Blaster audio card.
128 Mb Ram
Here is what I need
A recording s.w. mainly for audio (I'm not working with midi files but for effects parameters),
2 inputs may be ok,
at the moment I don't want to have to add a hardware mixer,
I would like to have the chance to work deeply with loops ( that's sure !).
Acid (is it a plug in or can be a recording software in itself ?)
Logic Audio, Cubase...?
Do you have any comment on using the input a/d converters of the Sound Blaster card ?
So, once again, thanks for any contribution.