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Re: ACID 2.0 (not Pro) Is "Free" w/rebate right now.

It all comes down to the type of music you make and your preference of 
in terms of how you work best.

but if u are comparing acid ( not pro ) to cool edit pro there is a world 
difference in terms of features. 

but the differences between acid and cool edit pro become significant in 
areas where u consider how u work and what u play...

Anybody can get miles outta acid...but i think the DJ remixing danceheads 
will probably find acid more in line with their groove and more precisely 
geared toward their specific gig.

ACID is perfect for dance music and an ok tool for textural loops. 

acid is a tool to ya use when the wav forms you are dealing with are 
edited and ready loaded/tweaked.

ACIS is good at automatically looping beats and various phrases instantly 
intuiively with no need to really think/ponder or calculate stuff. with 
you can throw anything in the mix and instantly see how well it plays, 
it up, slow it down, etc. Acid can really match and change bpms-tempo 
well on the fly & its all very very simple.

Cool edit pro is more of a multi track recorder that almost does 
except MIDI. & cool edit is very simple and straightforward.

Acid Pro which i have and use does midi ( tho ive never used its midi 
features ) and records fully duplexed multi tracked audio but has no wave 
editor built into it. 

the people who make acid, sonic foundry also make sound forge 4.5 a great 
wave editor that does everything cool edit can do without the multitrack 

Sonic foundry also makes vegas which does everything cool edit pro does 
and a 
lot more cuz Vegas is designed to be a video editor and IMHO a memory hog. 

But if acid is being given out free thru a rebate, that is a great & very 
affordable tool for someone looking to do loops and PC based mixing or 
remixing of their loops regardless as to whther or not they groove or 

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