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ACID 2.0 (not Pro) Is "Free" w/rebate right now.

lucafeed@tin.it wrote:
>Acid (is it a plug in or can be a recording software in itself ?)

Heads up Luca an' e'rybody,

Acid 2.0 (not Acid Pro) is "free" w/rebate right now. Got mine at Guitar 

Of course in civilized countries, rebate scams are illegal (as would be 
American ads and "business practices"), but hey, if you whip that 
coupon right out in time, you will probably get the money back within 
months or so. They are counting on you letting it slip by, so send that 
suckah right off! :o )

I've not gotten my rebate back yet (hell, I just bought Acid yestiddy), so 
will post back if I get it (but don't wait, it'll be too late). Yes, as 
can tell I've had mixed results with "rebate centers," but I've always 
gotten mah money. Basically you call 'em and do the ol' speak to the 
manager's manager thing. Use that 
voice an' you'll do just fine. LOL (Note: do not break out the screaming 
demon schtick. Well... user discretion advised)

Naw, I'm probably scarin' y'all. And yeah, I'm soap-boxing about 
corporatism. Sorry. But hell, just thought I'd let y'all know about the 

Also, they're doin' the same thing with the Sound Forge (same folks) XP 
product. So, why the hell not, unless you already have the the full-boat 
$450(?) version?


K. G. Dick

"Be Excellent To Each Other." -Bill & Ted.

PS: Please note the editing-for-minimal-reference of the original post. I 
mean, you guys. Bandwidth. All those One or two sentence responses 
by four screens of accumulating thread. ...No, mebbe yer right. the 5 or 6 
mouse/keyboard clicks to clean it up is just TOO00 much. LOL

Jeezus! I'm an opinionated bastard, aren't I? LOL. Sorry!

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