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Looping in the news at Harmony Central



By now, it's nothing new. Loop-based music -- or at least loop-assisted
music -- is everywhere, transcending all musical genres. Loops dominate the
pop charts, backing the scores to hit movies, and -- especially -- popping
the eardrums of boogying club-goers. Loops are a favored tool for
remixer/DJ/producers, and I'm told that turntables now outsell guitars.
Though that may be because people buy them two at a time, the point remains
that the art of looping is more than a passing trend. And manufacturers 
acknowledged as much by offering low-cost machines designed for anyone --
from the guitarist who wants to practice or write along with a nice two-bar
rhythm, to the DJ who's looking to go beyond two turntables and a

What's the LD subscription list up to now?