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RE: Performance with Computers/DJ-ing

I don't know. Have you ever had of performance anxiety?


Tellme. News. Stock quotes. Movies. Excellent.
biz's house of fun is temporaily unavailable. In the meantime, say
'extensions' and '76255' to get to biz's secret Tellme game.

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Subject: Re: Performance with Computers/DJ-ing

wow. footmouse
they should make a trousermouse...

a new dimension in control.

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Subject: Re: Performance with Computers/DJ-ing

> > "foot operated mouse"!!??!??  I LIKE it!  Supplier?  Details?  URL?
> You'll never guess....
> http://www.footmouse.com/
> > Sounds like cool stuff!  Is the Doppler effect in stereo?  Any
> > Even
> > a "mic on a pole in the middle of the room" live recording?
> >
> Unfortunately the rest of the band is in Hong Kong at the moment.(Me
> in LA) They'll be here in November I think for some gigs, I'll post the
> details/recording URLs.
> The Doppler effect is cool.I actually have it for a four speaker
> spatialisation setup, but it works fine in stereo too.I control it from a
> window which I draw all over to simulate my position and velocity 
> to the room.I have also built a 2 dimensional random walk into it so that
> just goes all over the place changing pitch and adding/losing reverb.
> Cheers
> Andrew