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RE: Long DL4 post (response from Line6)

 From Line6, regarding the effect of the expression pedal in Loop/Delay 
(on the DL4):

 "The expression pedal works the same way in the Loop Sampler mode as
 it does in the regular delay mode. You can set the toe-down position
of the pedal to one setting of the knobs (excluding the model
 selector knob) and the heel-down position to another setting. For
 example you could have the toe-down position set for the loop mix
 (mix knob) at maximum, the delay level (tweez) at medium, the delay
 modulation (tweak)at minimum, the delay repeats at half-way, and the
 delay time set fast (say 3 o'clock). You could then put the pedal in
 the heel-down position and set the knobs for the loop level at
 minimum, the delay level at maximum, the modulation at minimum, the
 repeats at minimum and the delay time long (say 9 o'clock). Now when
 your playing (and the play/stop button is switched on), putting the
 pedal in the toe down position will give you the loop at full
 volume, pre-loop delay that is of medium volume volume with no
 modulation and a fast time. When you switch to heel-down, you'd get
 no loop (even with the play/stop button swithced on)with a long
 single delay that is very loud.
 The loop sampler can either play the loop indefinitely (until you
 hit the stop button)or play it one time only then stop (Button C).
 It will not trail off on it's own. You would have to use the
 expression pedal to ride it's level."

I guess this answered my questions.

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

> As far as i know, a volume pedal with a mono plug should work fine.  I 
> using a Roland EV5 to control it before i got the Line6 model. The Line6
> pedal works fine with a mono cable.  My suggestion would be to use one of
> your volume pedals if it works, i think the L6 pedal was $80+, for a
> plastic piece of junk.  It works, but i wouldn't duck if you threw it at
> me.  Now those Ernie Ball pedals are a whole different story...