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More on JamMan problems

My JamMan problem seems to have opened-up a small can of worms!  Many 
to those who have responded, and to Rich for his kind offer to fax some

I emailed Lexicon, who do appear to offer support for legacy products (they
have a query submission form on their website, together with a list of the
units still supported - including the JamMan.  See
http://www.lexicon.com/support/homeframe.htm).  I had a useful mail back
from Greg Hogan in Lexicon Customer Service who suggested that the problem
might be with the Mode Knob itself - he also put me in contact with the UK
main Lexicon dealer.

I did initially try the archive to see if I could find any information, but
was unsuccessful.  Of course, I was searching for the problem, whilst the
messages tend to discuss solutions!  With the suggestions I've received, a
subsequent search for 'jamman diagnostic' and 'mode knob' has thrown-up 
more useful information.

I can only concur with Dennis Leas' comments regarding the helpfulness of
this 'community'.