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RE: Long DL4 post (was: loop modulation ala eh-16)

> Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Since I don't have the Line6 exp
>edal,( but I do have a graveyard of volume pedals which I may be able to
>convert), Is there any chance anyone knows what value pot is in the Line6
>pedal, or if it uses a stereo or mono plug?

As far as i know, a volume pedal with a mono plug should work fine.  I was
using a Roland EV5 to control it before i got the Line6 model. The Line6
pedal works fine with a mono cable.  My suggestion would be to use one of
your volume pedals if it works, i think the L6 pedal was $80+, for a
plastic piece of junk.  It works, but i wouldn't duck if you threw it at
me.  Now those Ernie Ball pedals are a whole different story...

If you need info on the pot, you might snoop around the L6 website
(www.line6.com), or email their tech support.


too much time on the LD list today...got to actually get SOME work done!