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Re: Jam Man thanks

>Thanks for your kind offer - any help would be greatly appreciated.  Out 
>interest, why did you have cause to use these functions?
>Best regards,


I found the paper that i was referring to, but it does not list how to do a
hard reset (which is definitely where i would start).  Perhaps contacting
Lexicon would be the best bet.

The paper i have shows how to put the Jammie into 'diagnostic mode', which
as i said before, i will fax to you if you need it.

I got this paper faxed to me from Lexicon Technical Support when my Jamman
started getting wierd glitches in Delay mode.  I would have these little
'pops' and artifacts coming in, and since i tend to use really long delays,
they would go on forever!  It was really frustrating, and Lexicon sent me
this paper to test the RAM, thinking that was the culprit.

The RAM passed ok, and soon after i got another Jamman which i upgraded,
too.  I think i swapped the RAM in each machine for some reason, if i
remember correctly.  I haven't had any problems since, so it was kindof a
ghost problem.  Since then i have been using a Midi controller to control
the jamman, and i am mostly in 'loop' mode, and i also sold one of them.  I
am not using it as much and not really pushing it as hard as i used to.

It sounds as if your problem is much more serious and persistent.  If you
want me to fax you the diagnostics pages, give me a fax number.  I would
definitely give Lexicon a call and see if you can find a sympathetic ear.

Let me know if i can be of any further assistance!

Best Regards,