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Re: Performance with Computers/DJ-ing

> "foot operated mouse"!!??!??  I LIKE it!  Supplier?  Details?  URL?

You'll never guess....


> Sounds like cool stuff!  Is the Doppler effect in stereo?  Any 
> Even
> a "mic on a pole in the middle of the room" live recording?

Unfortunately the rest of the band is in Hong Kong at the moment.(Me mostly
in LA) They'll be here in November I think for some gigs, I'll post the
details/recording URLs.

The Doppler effect is cool.I actually have it for a four speaker
spatialisation setup, but it works fine in stereo too.I control it from a
window which I draw all over to simulate my position and velocity relative
to the room.I have also built a 2 dimensional random walk into it so that 
just goes all over the place changing pitch and adding/losing reverb.