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Re: Classical music loops

At 06:23 PM 8/16/00 PDT, you wrote:
>Tim Nelson (from this list) did some for the CT-Found Sound project about 
>year ago. The mp3 is called "Beethoven's Fifth Remix" and is available at 
>this url, which is the "loopxchange" CT Collection site 
>by list member Morgan Hamilton Lang:

But be forewarned, it sounds more like Ligeti edited in a cuisinart! Ludwig
goes microtonal...

Actually, for your classical loop-purposes, you might find it worthwhile to
check out some loop-based music production software such as Sonic Foundry's
Acid (click on the link on the LD site...) While you could try to find
sample discs with orchestral instruments on them, you might have some fun
snagging phrases off existing "classical" cd's, mutating them beyond
recognition, and then re-assembling them into an "original" composition. By
mangling them as such, you'll avoid the problems that go with using
recognizable samples, and you'll also be able to keep your "classical"
loops from sounding "too classical"; you can keep the timbres of the
instruments, but make the parts do things the composer never dreamed of,
nor wanted to. Getting anachronistic is one way... write a modernistic
twelve-tone piece using the sounds of crumhorns, bombardes and nakers...
combine instruments from different cultures that you'd never ordinarily
hear together; maybe a hurdy-gurdy droning under a vibraphone loop with a
shakuhachi and an oud trading off melody lines, or harpsichord with taiko
drums or something... The possibilities are endless.