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Jam Man Problems


My name's Simon Henderson, and I guess I've been looping for around five or
six years (influenced heavily by Adrian Belew and the ubiquitous Mr Fripp).
I've only just come across Looper's Delight, so please forgive me if I'm
raising a done and dusted problem (although nothing leap-out during a quick
trawl through the archives).

I was wondering if any fellow loopers might be able to help me regarding a
query I have concerning my Lexicon Jam Man.  My unit is quite a few years
old now, and seems to have developed a problem when I try to put it into
echo mode - essentially, the unit will not go into echo mode when it's set
via the 'mode' knob.  The device acts exactly the same as if it is in loop
mode (including the functionality of the foot control and front-panel
buttons).  I have tried to see if the knob has become misaligned (i.e. echo
mode is at a different front panel setting from 12 o'clock) but the unit
simply will not go into the mode at any position.  However, the unit will 
into sample mode when I set the knob at the usual 6 o'clock position.

I was wondering if there is anything obvious I can try?  Are there are
'reset' modes during power-up?  Is there anything obvious I can do inside
the box?  - could it be dry solder joints somewhere?

I'd much appreciate any help or suggestions anybody can offer.


Simon Henderson
Kent, UK