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Re: Ztar for looping

>Damn...i had to take my name OFF the list, and now i'm almost glad i did.
>The production on the Echoplex is, to me, really a joke.  You've got 
>waiting for a product (reason: extensive testing to make sure it's
>rock-solid before you ship) and then there is a significant percentage of
>product glitches and failures.  Following that, production stops?  What?
>Given the great performance of my two Electrix products (Filter Queen and
>EQ Killer) and the technical support i've received so far...i'd rather 
>till fall and get a Repeater than the elusive EDP.  Let's hope Electrix
>comes through  better than Trace/Gibson is.

Don't forget that some of us Mac users are still boycotting Gibson
(for whatever it's worth) for their very shabby treatment of Vision/OMS
users...  which makes the Electrix and the revamped Boomerang the only
two choices for a serious looper...


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