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Re: Ztar for looping

>> Ordered a Z2 from Harvey, still waiting, but has
>> anyone already mentioned that there appears to be no
>> Echoplexes being manufactured right now?  I just put
>> my name on the waiting-list-from-hell at Alto.  They
>> said manufacturing wouldn't rev back up until the
>> fall.  Has anyone else confirmed this?

Damn...i had to take my name OFF the list, and now i'm almost glad i did.
The production on the Echoplex is, to me, really a joke.  You've got people
waiting for a product (reason: extensive testing to make sure it's
rock-solid before you ship) and then there is a significant percentage of
product glitches and failures.  Following that, production stops?  What?

Given the great performance of my two Electrix products (Filter Queen and
EQ Killer) and the technical support i've received so far...i'd rather wait
till fall and get a Repeater than the elusive EDP.  Let's hope Electrix
comes through  better than Trace/Gibson is.

whatever 2 cents is worth these days...