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Re: Ztar for looping

Stephen wrote:
> I use it with a Roland MC-80 hardware sequencer for
> midi looping with moderately good results.  I have
> synced up the EDP and the MC-80 through midi clock,
> and just this morning got the HandSonic & the MC-80
> synced....I hope this week to get all three singing in
> unison.
> One inention I have for the EDP (not yet realized), in
> addition to looping real-time audio, is to try to use
> it as something of a temporary loop scratch pad to
> make up for the limitations in the MC-80's &
> HandSonic's real-time midi looping capabilities.  For
> example, on the MC-80 you can define a loop region and
> record up to 16 tracks, switching between tracks,
> dropping in and out of record mode and are able to
> mute & unmute tracks.  But you can't define a new loop
> region while in record mode, so i fantasize about
> dropping the looping audio to the EDP to keep things
> going, stopping the sequencer & restarting with a
> different loop region to start a separate 'movement'
> so to speak.

You must absolutely try it with the EDP as a master (sync out)

record the first loop gem at EndRecord a start song is sent to the
slaves and you can begin to build your midi/audio loops very fast 
(overdub,multiply,insert etc)
when its time to move on rezise the loop with some clever
BTW this also will change the midi clock rate-Tempo

> Mapping the ztar pads to control the echoplex is an
> interesting idea - I had not even thought of that.  I
> had Harvey at Starrlabs put extra pads (along with a
> few other controllers) on my baby, hoping to create a
> zen drum / ztar hybrid, but the pads don't quite work
> as expected/desired for finger drumming, so goodness
> knows i've got enough extra pads to fiddle with.

 Please take us informed about your findings and developments.

> Harvey had mentioned a while back to me about putting
> a loop sequencer in the ztar firmware, but i've not
> heard any updates on that.  His newest gizmo in alpha
> release (based on the same ztar firmware, I believe)
> is the EventStation he built for Kurzweil which
> he claims is something like "MAX in a box", with 2
> onboard sequencers & some looping capabilities -
> details are a bit sketchy.
> stephen

we can hope that once its a Kurtzweil instrument (available) the doc
will be a litle less hierogliphical (=:)