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RE: The set up

Does anyone know the name of that video program that was discussed here a
while ago? Video monkey, or something to that effect? It sounds like it
would be right up Michele's alley.


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From: michele wortman&guy aitchison 
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2000 7:11 PM
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Subject: Re: The set up

I found this sight  when I was looking for info on morphing of all things! 
was not clear about what I was saying and don't know why I did not catch
that . I am streaming video files, potentially  through a p.c into a
multimedia projector, since right now i am using a v.c.r and video tape on
various rented multimeda projectors for performances. I plan to buy one but
have been waiting for the prices to drop. I am not hip to the types of
programs out there, thats why I was so amped to find loopers delight, since
it is the path I want to take with music. (I am a photographer who makes
videos of macro abstract relms) and want to compose music to make it a 
enviroment through my mind. I am not up on tech talk so I figure the 
the better for just getting started then I can get more high tech with my
approach. At this point any information is solid gold.

>From: "Jonathan El-Bizri" <jonathan@full-moon.com>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Subject: RE: The set up
>Date: Sat, Aug 12, 2000, 11:57 PM

> What kind of multimedia projector? What are the inputs? Most any laptop
> a VGA video out, but if you have a projector that you know you'll be 
> each time you give a presentation, then I would look in the Owner's 
> to see what inputs are available and which will give you the best
quality -
> if there's a difference. Match that up against the video outputs on your
> laptop to make sure you can get a connection.
> On this off topic, can anyone recommend a cheap video projector that 
> completely crap. I have this crazy idea of lighting my room on one wall
> psychedlic screensavers, live video cams and pictures and films of 
> splendour. Without paying an arm and a leg of course - all the stuff I 
> find on the web is in the $5,000 range. Damn!
> P.S. I'm pretty new to this list too, but just wanted to give you a
> that you aren't likely to find many ACID users here... yours is the first
> post I've seen. Most of the folks here (including me) are real musician
> types, or at least so we'd like to think... :-)
> I'm an Acidhead, though it isn't really the tool this list is about. You
> find more like minded individuals on a dance music producers list. t's a
> composition tool though - I wouldn't use it live for anything - much
> to just burn the tracks to cd.
> bIz
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> biz's house of fun is tempraily unavailable...
> Multimedia files through a multimedia projector, eh? That's the part
> vague.
>> hi! I just subscribed to the loopers delight and have a question to 
>> Can anyone offer me any advice on what type of laptop to purchace for
>> constructing loops and  being able to output multimedia files through a
>> multimedia projector? I know that I need at least6g.b ofhard
>> drive and 64m.b
>> of Ram. I am a mac user but it seems it might be easier to go the
>> p.c route
>> for using acid and sonic foundry. Any imput would be helpful.
>> Thanks, M
>> www.hyperspacestudios.com