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Re: The set up

Hey Kevin!
Thanks for your time in replying. I am new to making music. My influences
are mostly what I listen to and what is in my head. I don't know much about
programs for looping but have heard nothing but good things about acid,
which I have and have never used since we have a mac and can't seem to get
acid to work through virtual pc. I also have an older version of pro tools
but find it kinda complicated to sync beats. I really am just fresh out of
the water and don't want to start with anything too complex. I am not a
laptop or p.c user so that world is kind of vague to me. I am always maxing
out the storage space of 8 g.b on the mac with video files so I was 
I should plan ahead with space since I will need room  to stream the video
files through the p.c to a multimedia projector, as well as store alot of 
music files so the project is somewhat self contained, in terms of being
able to locate my beats. I was wondering if I should have a p.c custom 
to avoid features that I won't use, but I guess the real expense no matter
how you slice it is the g.b and the ram.